Boss electric equipment (prices 002508, examine) drop twice stop, this Duan Zi上海丝袜会所24小时 more fire. Boss electric equipment dropped, add fast slow dow上海不正规洗浴推荐n on behalf of hutch report, so ambry also won’t good, ambry drop; The kitchen does not spend money, home appliance is natural also won’t floriferous money, home appliance drop; Furniture, home appliance sells badly, push upper reaches to explain the house sells badly instead, lande阿拉爱上海 北京阿拉爱上海最新地址d drop; The house sells badly, that bank is put lend rate sure can care, bank drop. Duan Zibo is gotten one happy hind, landed thing also should chat well really. Look forward to of at present room violates compasses financing to be immersed in ” 6 ” encircle and suppress, catenary of 37338 real-estate industry large area is cooling. Current, the channel of mark of fiducial, bank, bond and equity, conduct financial transactions and a person of same business, special dispute, it is source of landed industry financing. These channel, adding to 37338 real-e上海航头水磨桑拿会所state loan fast say too quickly ” not ” . Apparent, 2018 will be room look forward to a pressure of 4 years of capital is the greatest recently year. The requirement of financing and threshold will be higher and higher, the difficulty of financing will be taller and taller, capital more flow direction are big room look forward to and high grade project. From this angle for, the supply side that this year also is estate company reforms year. Although the room borrows interest rate to had promoted a percent from the historical bott上海水磨娱乐会所是什么意思om 2016, but cause estate however occurrence bedding face of whole industry chain accumulates refrigeration. Boss electric equipment drops two days continuously stop, adumbrate namely. If home appliance industry is a begin merely, later landed perhaps, building materials, decorate, outspread even to cement such upper reaches goes course of study, may be affected. This is not strange also, sale of countrywide commodity house was added newly 2017 1.61 trillion, and social consumable total volume of retail sales increases scope newly just 3.39 trillion, 47% what commodity ho闵行spa有花头use sale added the forehead newly to occupy total volume of retail sales of whole society consumable. This explains, 2017, the dweller added consumptive financing half newly to run to buy commodity house! Actually, it is to consume a domain to depend on estate badly not just, keeping governmental spending side, the whole nation ” land finance ” depend on degree had achieved 56.92% 上海千花的替代者, this one unprecedented height. And the dependence of the bank degree also not second at local finance, the earnings contribution of estate credit is spent in gains of commercial bank credit is at present medium be far ahead. Look, 2017 1000 A the product of conduct financial transactions that the company bough2019上海油压tyt 1 trillion yuan or so, can peep a clue. Apparent, of estate credit tighten up, certainly will will bri上海路边按摩指压 上海指压按摩论坛ng global sex to react. Does capital cost rise continuously can you bring about room look forward to to be based on cash to shed a consideration to begin to reduce the price actively? Meet of course, ever also appeared on the history, this very difficult also exception. In the meantime, dweller branch credit is tightened up, buy apiration to glide, house price falls sliding force to be able to be strengthened further. Apparent, this meeting is ” hole ” . But, “Hole ” size, depend on the government bears force to what economy glides. R上海贵族宝贝网址oom look forward to violates compasses financing to be immersed in ” 6 ” encircle and suppress is current, inside c日式水磨是什么服务ountrywide limits, already partial bank allots relevant fi爱上海同城论坛 夜上海桑拿网le, or already suspended accepting real-estate industry to add the business that give a letter newly, or suspensive development sh上海水磨工作室24小时ifts business. This kind ” cruel-hearted part company ” , just just begin probably. The basis superintends a requirement, will right 2018 direct or covert the look forward to that it is a room pays land to purchase charge to offer financing of inside and outside of of all kinds watch, to ” 4 card ” the project of commerciality estate development that not full specified amount reachs the designated position violates gold of not complete, capital compasses offer the behavior such as financing to have key repair. I上海休闲会所全套 上海阿拉爱上海最新地址水磨会所排名n light of us, circumstance of fiducial domain punish, gather is fiducial in January hair linage quantity and dimensions encounter ” slippery iron Lu ” , pelter 42.9% ! Be close to cutting sb in two at the waist. Actually, the channel of mark of fiducial, bank, bond and equity, conduct financial transactions and a person of same business, special dispute, it is source of landed industry financing. Bureau of Beijing silver-colored inspect puts forward clearly on recent superintendency conference, 2018, bureau of Beijing silver-colored inspect will be added to real-estate loan fast too fast, occupy than


The group of 171398248863 beauty (000333) and in pairs of cygnet A(000418)23 day release announcement to say, the group of 171398248863 beauty drafts in order to issue A means, change absorb amalgamative cygnet, cygnet will 244080 stop ap上海自带工作室能玩吗pear on the market and cancel corporate organization. Absorb this amalgamative always trade amount predicts to be forteen billion three hundred and eighty-three million yuan. Specific for, the group that beautiful group will divide beautiful group and TITONI(beauty t上海徐汇云睿酒店四楼spa狼族419龙凤o cygnet i上海水磨会所全套流程s wholy-owned company of pilot condition husband) all partner outside issue a share, the cygnet A that exchanges the partner place hold 上海哪里还有TYsuch as this reach B stock. The cygnet A of beautiful group and TITONI place hold reach B the sto上海油压龙凤论坛ck is not participated in change, these stocks will be in this second change absorb after incorporating, give cancel. According to announcement, with cygnet A capital stock is 441 million, b capital stock is base for 191 million, the group of eliminate beauty and Titoni hold some cygnet share,阿拉爱上海重口味 participate in this second change cygnet A i上海外围微信 上海外围经纪人微信t is 202 million, B it is 97 million, beauti上海哪里油压ful group because 阿拉爱上海同城交友对对碰 qianpadthis second change absorb amalgamative the share amount come that will issue 342 million, will use at changing entirely absorb amalgamative cygnet. Change this amalgamative, basis market usual practice considers bilateral partner benefit integratedly, affirm change a scale to be: Cygnet A ch上海浦东新区上门服务ange a scale to be 1:1.2110, namely A of every 1 cygnet the stock can trade the group share that gets 1.211 beauty; Cygnet B change a scale to be 1:1.0007, namely B of every 1 cygnet the stock can trade the group share that gets 1.0007 beauty. It is reported, beautiful group changes share price case to be 42.04 yuan / ; Cygnet A change share price case to be 50.91 yuan / , b change share price case to be 48.41 HK dollar / , part relatively price of excessive of price of the closing quotation when stopping a card 4.3% , 9.5% , 33.8% . This second change absorb amalgamative after f上海油压419论坛inishing, cygnet will 244080 stop appear on the market and cancel corporate organization, beautiful group or its are wholy-owned subsidiary reachs be adopted as heir to one’s uncle carry on etc of the total assets of cygnet, indebted, business, personnel, contract all rights and obligation. Beautiful group because this second change absorb amalgamative place to add hair A the stock will apply f上海夜场订房业务or to reaching place greatly advocate board appear on the market current. Beautiful group shows in announcement, this second change 松江松东路天泽足道absorb after incorporating, the control advantageous position of beautiful group does not produce change, meanwhile, this second trade to also do not form major asset to recombine, beautiful group plans to buy asse上海高端水磨论坛t to trade the price is change absorb amalgamative those who buy property clinch a deal amount is forteen billion three hundred and eighty-three million yuan.