Hutch defends home appliance 9256 markets ever were called ” of cake of last profit in be 9256 markets of “ China home appliance, 54080 brands fastigium ever thousands of, good and evil people mixed up of industry of full market of high school low end, shuffle for many times still did not change trade current situation, was about to pass 2018 half, in unpredicatable market, does hutch defend electric equipment上海普陀哪里有做spa的 market what to kind of pattern you can produce again? “104920 clothbound r奉贤大船酒店水疗项目怎么样epairs ” to come, hutch defends the market to be faced with new challenge to began 2018, the whole nation saves city to give off policy to popularize “104920 clothbound to repair ” more, traditional semifinished product room, clear water room will be rapid decrease large-scaly. Essence of “ of 12450 land agent decorates the room ” comes, 上门一般都是仙人跳hutch defends the market to face new challenge, “ wolf is meaty the times of little ” has come. Originate data of survey of center of b上海荤场刚交ig data of soil of the base of a fruit shows, essence of 12450 landed “ decorates “ room purchase have two apparent characteristics, it is 54080 brands 2 it is the price, the brand is product of brand of major of 133498 a gleam of or home appliance of much category famous brand more, on one hand for famous brand effect, the price is dazzling on the other hand. Data夜无忧全国兼职女论坛 shows, estate business purchases 262926 favour brand to be like “ for major of 133498 a gleam of more square too, 10 thousand happy, bosses, China emperor, Ximen child, 10 thousand wait for professional brand with ” , still include the brand of diversity home appliance such as the ” with Er of sea of well-known trademark &上海黄浦推油记ldquo; , beautiful diversity, and regional strong “ fast is amounted to, the brand such as ” of king of forward, fire. The reporter is in visit KI of home appliance of Zhongshan stone Qi to sell market of building materials of beauty of field, country, Su Ning, 5 stars Ji日式拉丝全体位水磨spa Fuyi the discovery in decorating square, house property business purchases interval of price of brand of partial a gleam of 1500 yuan – 2100 yuan every, 嘉定全身油压spaand purchase price of channel of inn of substance of brand of corresponding a gleam of is 2350 yuan – 3950 yuan, estate business is direct as custom-built as the manufacturer low cooperates, no matter size tastes card 上海嘉定老城哪里有大保健hutch to defend electric equipment agency or agent to be pounded badly directly, it is estate business and famous high end or cooperation of firm of famous brand hom夜上海论坛上海龙凤419e appliance secondly, be opposite undoubtedly with 1000 plan hutch defends electric equipment to face add the option that need not be being begged is a kind of awkward situation newly. Zhongshan city on the west of Fu Hua shop of area country beauty revive inn is long say: “ is some closer many years home appliance brand begins to grab feed estate clothbound market, have some of major or famous brand, for share of market of race to control, custom-built product low is supplied, configuration although under price of channel of traditional and hypostatic inn, but to estate business character, the profit that famous brand effect brings to its is tremendous. ” in addition, estate business hits packet of sale leave out the link intermediate. “ clothbound repairs ” to carry a bag to be entered, leave out proper motion of intermediate “ consumer buys all home appliance, household, goods that decorate material ” to wait to hold a share forcedly, of graph save worry carry a bag to be entered directly, requirement quality is higher alter a little, but to hypostatic inn character, do not have any cutting to enter clothbound segment into the dot again. Big to each in manufacturer of small home appliance, of thousands of in essay card, be in without any advantages market of clothbound times sortie, main reason is putting valence to grab at line of horizontal stroke of “ a gleam of feed clothbound market ” , a gleam of puts valence to give the value of 34 lines channel, force 234 lines cann日式水磨是什么服务ot enter clothbound market continuously. Be worth what carry especially is, review hutch protected trademark of electric equipment industry 2017 retail circumstance, exceed the brand sale of 75% , because of advance rapidly of electric business share, affect hypostatic inn badly to sell outstanding achie上海会所vement. Can say, the “ catastrophe &r上海夜生活论坛419dquo; that whole 2018 hutch defends electric equipment market to will greet an 会所水磨和干磨啥上海水帘洞桑拿会所意思assault and new


Our newspaper announces introduction: Although put delay somew嘉定ktv荤场hat,bahui工作室kbttalion of industry of 2018Q2 home appliance restrains growth but the look of things is good, white electricity growth is the rapiddest performance of small home appliance is steady, ability of profit of industry of unship of delay of pressure of cost exchange rate is progressive阿拉爱上海 同城对对碰ly repair, bibcock determinism is the 夜上海论坛新419strongest, the proposal is added hold. Summary: 18Q2 home appliance board piece outstanding achievement is accorded with anticipate, proposal ” add hold ” from the point of exposure money newspaper, q2 home appliance board piece although put delay somewhat,battalion restrains growth but impetus as before good, among them white electricity growth is the fastest, little cable show is dovish. We think, in overall the manufacturer is accelerated advance high end to change the strateg日式拉丝全体位水磨spay and consumption to upgrade below trend setting, each category all valence promotes implementation continuously, “With valence era is measured ” logic is certain, town is changed continue to boost terminal demand relatively stable, value battalion to receive end to carry上海春风楼交友论坛 steady growth trend; Gain ability level, delay of hasten of pressure of cost exchange rate, industry wool interest rate and rate of net putting in a mother ‘s charge compared to the same period / annulus comparing all h水磨石铜条厂家as promotion, gain improves a climat上海丝袜会所24小时e good. Continuance of outstanding achievement of industry of Q2 home appliance is firm in to good trend, the home appliance after the callback board piece investment sex price is compared highlight, proposal actor chooses a structure to upgrade affirmatory, appraise is worth banner, outstanding achievement the white report bibcock with clear advantage, continue to pay close attention上海莞式桑拿水磨会所 to family expenses at the same time the tall scene bearing such as central air conditioning, cleaner child industry, the key recommends: 1) the bibcock with outstanding achievement steady growth: Electric equipment of Er of A of electric equipment of power of Qingdao sea Er, beautiful group, division, cygnet, Su Bo, boss; 2) have safe limit grow model fractionize bibcock: Dragon of sea letter division, Lake is electric. Income grows as before good, among them white e闵行区吴嘉定区出名的水磨会所泾spalectricity growth is the fastest, little ammeter shows income of 18Q2 of industry of dovish home appliance to grow 15.7% , annulus puts delay 4.3pct than Q1, although have,put delay 上海闵行区水磨休闲会所but still maintain two digit steady growth, among them growth of white electron industry is the rapiddest, small home appliance keeps dovish. Branch line of business looks, white report / black report / hutch report / small home appliance / component income is added fa上海闵行区好的水疗st it is respectively 17.2% , 13% , 6.9% , 16% , 5.4% , annulus score does not change – 2pct, – 11.4pct, – 24.6pct, + 3.1pct, – 14.4pct. Suffer terminal to move annul good pull move, tall boom of continuance of industry of 2 quarters air conditioning is spent, to add fast the fastest child industry, overlay ice washs a product to upgrade pull move, q2 is white electric board piece income adds fast annulus to compare fall after a rise but still 17% control growth, continuance is dovish first quarter increase a current; Demand of kitchen of smoke of the tradition below landed influence bear pressure, hutch report board piece income adds fast annulus more apparent than fall after a rise, permeability promotion is pulled move compositive kitchen industry to maintain add high fast; Suffer early days world cup to affect demand to be released ahead of schedule, growth of black report 松江新城男士spaincome is relatively flat; Oneself of enterprise of small home appliance is managed progressively to good, and influence of exchange rate element is eliminated, income maintains steady growth. Industry of Q2 home appliance beforehand gathering sheds net specified number with management cash performance is flat, white electron industry falls compared to the same period bigger. Wool interest rate and rate of net putting in a mother ‘s charge compared to the same period / annulus comparing all has promotion, ability of profit of home appliance industry improves Q2 product to carry valence to continue continuously and raw material price tends smooth, interest rate of wool of white electron industry restores apparent, drive interest rate of wool of whole of home appliance industry compared to the same period / annulus score is fastened + 0.4pct/+0.6pct, white report compared to the same period / annulus is compared + 1.2pct/+0.8pct, black report, hutch report, small home appliance relatively Q1 is improved somewhat, hutch report improvement is most clear, each child board piece change compared to the same period – 2.2pct, – 0.4pct, – 0.5pct, annulus is compared – 1.6pct, + 3.7pct, + 0.3pct. Industry of 18Q2 home appliance puts in parent ne上海按摩上海特殊会所t ‘s charge to lead for 8.6% , compared to the same period + 0.5pct, each child board piece all improve somewhat compared to the same period, white report, black report, hutch report and small home appliance change compared to the same period it is respectively + 0.6pct, + 0.7pct, + 1.9pct, + 0pct. Pressure of cost exchange rate alleviates, ability of gain of whole of home appliance industry lasts to good. Risk: Raw material price continues to rise, the RMB is short-term continue


Argy-ba爱上海桑拿会所价格rgy, 上海会所微信公众号cross verbal swords, intrigue against each other? Does suffering sit is the goods before computer compared 3 the home, dazzling? Stay up late mad grab chase after madly double 12? Why does life need such hardship need not so tired! Rest meeting!上海楼凤 Guess of home appliance price, will restrict benefit on the weekend. Be right! Nine Long government office sends welfare again again again! On December 15 on Saturday afternoon 14:30 ” big guess of price of 10 thousand yuan of ho上海会所水磨服务记me appliance, 0 yuan grab brand home appliance ” be about to interest exp上海后花园夜生活lod上海完美休闲kbes will raid! Total value amounts to a variety of thousands of yuan brand home appliance, want to guess pair of prices only, send you freely! Enchanted? Surprizing? Machine of brand washing machine, stewpan, arrange,上海水疗排行 blower cheats the bovine milk, desk lamp that shield an eye, coddle implement, · · · wants your guess price to approach true value most only, but 0 yuan of be长沙莞式桑拿洗浴中心lts上海虹口桑拿 come home! The opportunity is placed before you. Not hesitant, take the activity that notes good time place small to participate 上海工作室是仙人跳吗in us rapidly! Remember must staff member of careful listen respect2019上海油压店开了吗fully introduces 松江永恒spa会所mobile regulation! Mobile time: On December 15 afternoon 2:30-5:00 activities place: Activity of ministry of building of carry out of nin上海新茶服务e Long government office is regular: One, ” 0 yuan of seconds are killed ” link 1, reveal a second to kill commodity;2, compere to provide fixed telephone number, announce when compere the second is killed in the begining, who dials a telephone first, who kills a success with respect to the second. 2, ” home appliance guess ” 1, before the activity begins, to selling office sign in department register one’s attendance at a meeting or at an office gets guess of lottery ticket;2, home appliance, every rounds by compere from inside lottery box draw-out 5-6 piece, lottery ticket decides which a few clients undertake guess;3, if participator guesses commodity price (price difference is in 1 yuan when, who is close to) more, can get this commodity;4, if guess without participator, have seat of government of; nine Long one round afresh [the residence, business spreads] making work [a mountainous are夜上海论坛419a] road of a mountainous area Na Li and chief body road hand in collect place ma上海虹口桑拿会所p advocate push door model: 3 house 110 smooth rice; 3 house 115 smooth rice; All door model