Enter 2018, drive in what consumption upgrades to turn tide with intelligence below, business of domestic power plant tries to pass the offerring of new product experience, bring those who move consumer to change machine tide, home appliance market begins to be changed toward intelli普陀好的spagence, high end is c阿拉爱上海hanged upgrade. And home appliance intelligence is changed, high end changes upgraded to also raise taller requirement to among them power source technology, technology of source control of repor松江spa上门t of prospective home appliance needs to accomplish more intelligence, safer will cooperate intelligence of home appliance industry to change upgrade. Consumption upgrades lead home appliance intelligence to change as home consumption upgrades the abidance of the trend is fervent, consumer chooses intelligent home appliance to increase life experience gradually. According to Mai Ken stannic report points out, 2016, total volume of retail sales of Chinese society consumable continues to maintain the growth of two digit, the contributive rate that final spending increases to economy is as high as 64.6% . And as consumer more and more mature, more and more captious, consum上海大桶大竟然飞机ptive pattern from buy a product to arrive purchase a service, transform to high-end commodity from masses product, additional, consumer begins to seek more balanced way of life — healthy, family and experience become main attention to nod. With be during section of day cat special purchases for the Spring Festival exemple, window robot is brushed to buy number amplitude to be as high as 169.44% between this first phase, cooking robot cooks this kind god implement buy a number to grow 145% . Character consumption is gone against situation and on, wave all the way red the demand port that is dominant with intelligent home appliance especially, add fast arrive from 26.8% g上海后花园论坛千花网rowth 34.4% . Intelligent home appliance becomes detailed list of special purchases for the Spring Festival to go up ” new option ” . Enter to character from the price rank, arrive from the function of intelligence upgrade, intelligence is changed become the source motive force that urges home appliance to consume the market to progress. From the point of the use of the user and experience angle, consumer consumes pattern to upgrade to intelligence by functional product gradually, change home appliance to high-end intelligence from the functional home appliance that just needed outspread. The intelligent home appliance nowadays can be finished send a message, solid times accuses the function such as the circumstance, these add functions need new subsystem, be like interface of wireless communication, sensor, man-machine (HMI) and illume, these need power source to supply. In the meantime, pass the time in a leisu上海汉顿spa飞机rely way of electric equipment need is extinct and possible little power, so that restrict them the influence to the environment, reduce the electric power cost of consumer, and pass stricter and stricter energy grade successfully. The power source that goes up to help intelligence of enterprise follow-up home appliance change manages a technology, old bit information will be in Fosan on March 30 suitable heart is held ” the 11st (suitable heart) home appliance p上海龙凤419ower source and seminar of innovation of technology of frequency conversion control ” . As we have learned, this second conference invited surel全套干磨是什么意思y Yi Wei, medium cl上海江桥男士spa排行ever, small, force gives birth to friend of Ai Hua, core beautiful, PI, amount to science of electric equipment of Er, Yong Ming, Shanghai the technologist ginseng of well-known company, institute inside the c上海性价比最高的kbourse of study such as the institute is met, will spread out special subject speech in the light of technology of power source of needle home appliance in meeting site at 嘉定哪里可以做大保健the appointed time. The channel on the line erupts, drive home appliance high end to change consumptive data to show, on the line retail the main sale channel that has made brand of each everybody report, for example the turnover on line of before air conditioning 3 old brands is occupied than be close to 73% , the turnover on line of before freezer 4 old brands is occupied than be close to 63% , the turnover on line of before washing machine 4 old brands is occupied than exceeding 68% , the turnover on line of before kitchen big report 4 brands 上海 女生 自荐 千花 上海论坛419花千网i上海后花园s occupied than exceeding 70% . The dimensions that trades on the line also is expanding ceaselessly, 2017, net of home appliance of our country B2C buys the 上海奉贤荤场market (contain mobile terminal) dimensions achieves 490.6 billion yuan, grow 27.6% compared to the same period. Among them, 4 big traditional home appliance sold dimensions to amount to 174.6 billion yuan 2017 (flat TV 54.2 billion yuan, air conditioning 64.8 billion yuan, freezer 29.9 billion yuan, washing machine 25.7 billion yuan of) , grow 50.4% compared to the same period, on increasing ratio year promotion 15.7%; includes two clean (air purifier and clean water equipment) product, hutch defends small home appliance of electric equipment and traditional life to wait for 76 billion yuan inside, grow the mobile terminal product such as computer of 19.6%; mobile phone, flat to be 240 billion yuan compared to the same period, amplitude 17.1% . The drive of concept and improvement demand lives in charac2018年上海油压店严打ter in the meantime


To make TV outward appearance more concise, q9F TV accomplished SamSung not to have frame quad上海贵族宝贝百花楼官网rilateral almost, whole picture resembles float in上海贵族宝贝419 sky, the shape that w上海 女生自荐ith a pair art draws is pensile go up at wall, it is explanation contracted 阿拉爱上海手机make with what i松江荤场价格ngenuity aestheticly. S高端莞式水磨会所tem from right much better the indefatigable pursuit that industry designs, s闵行颛桥周边按摩spaamSung continues contracted style all the time by the TV the reverse side of person 松江新城文诚路spaoversight, airframe surface does not use a screw, build the visual experience that gave a kind of 上海后花园论坛 上海桑拿会所论坛360 ° not to have blind angle. In addition, samSung return上海水磨场2019ed innovation sex g上海水磨会所微信号太阳round to solve TV to take the i2019上海有花头的浴场ssue with messy line, with fine, al上海宝山罗店 洗浴 桑拿 按摩most invisible wir2019上海最新夜上海论坛e cable success goes ” small screen a gleam of “上海会所论坛交流 beautiful, outfit allowing the home is more follow one’s inclinations.

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Intelligent household is in in recent years hold those who accuse is convenient very big promotion had on the gender, let the child also can freely hol闵行干磨300群d accuse. Switch of intelligence of door lock of intelligence of intelligent remote controller comes off work come home, open the instant of intelligent door lock, how to defend a system automatic withdraw a garrison, sitting room lamplight is opened automatically, the automatic open such as curtain, air conditioning, air purifier, background music slowly transmit… the progress that lives in science and technology as intelligence, all sorts of intelligence setting in science fiction film are becoming reality from the dream. However, in terminal market, intelligent household exists f上海贵族宝贝论坛419rom beginning to end however ” attention is spent tall, popularity rate is low ” strange phenomenon, investigate its reason basically is consumer of a lot of terminal to intelligence household consumes existence a few cognitive blind area. Consume proposal of strategy child lofty, the consumer that lives in a system to wanting to install intelligence, phase of best and advanced outfit contacts intelligence to live in. Level is held before, intelligence lives in optimal time entering the arena is water and electricity before installation. Because intelligence lives in a system,involve the issue of obligate potential. Look in Tong Wei, outfit phase installs intelligence to live in before, install not only rise more simple, and the combination that can more has imagination, can realize the deepness intelligence of setting more. Besides, outfit phase had obligate potential before, sequel need not walk along a line to make the building looks more beautiful, the batteries tha上海外围女经纪微信t also need not consider intelligent controller changes problem. Is household of intelligent truth intelligence luxury? The truth: The price actually very close civilian! Intelligence is lived in more and more fire, but the luxury th上海普通水磨会所at a lot of consumer feel that is to leave上海会所外卖工作室价格 that very distant. Hear others home installed intelligence of a high-tech to live in a system, of envy also want the Eight Diagrams surely. This family is much more wealthy after all, how can install a so advanced equipment. Right, even if is to speak of intelligent household now, also the person that exceeds 上海 油压 龙凤论坛above of half the number thinks is wealthy talented person then play to rise ” toy ” . Factual truth is however, live in the promotion of popularity rate as intelligence, and of intelligent household cost reduce, the price that intelligence lives in is becoming closer and closer civilian. According to Ou Ruibo Tong Wei of advanced product chief inspector introduces, an a person of extraordinary powers of 3 buildings if installing level forcedly to choose,ma上海高端外围经纪人 外围女那么多tch whole house intelligence to live in a system curtilage, total expenditure needs 30000 yuan to go to 50000 yuan only probably. What if be 100 square metre,control is medium door model, deploy whole house intelligence to live in a system, total expenditure predicts to won’t exceed 10000 yuan. Is process of intelligent household spending very trival? The truth: Early one-stop whole house intelligence! All sorts of 上海 油压 龙凤论坛dazzle cruel functions that intelligent household takes oneself, let assume sth as a matter of course of a lot of consumer it is certain that the ground thinks its install a process very complex, and the service group that does not know where to look for intelligence to live in on the road. Actually, at present a lot of intelligence live in a brand besides wired on flagship store, there also is group of the service below professional line in city of line of country上海论坛419花千网 上海千花论坛wide just a little. To consumer, want line fluctuation sheet only, what can obtain a brand to offer is one-stop service. Intelligent household is held accuse very complex, won’t be child of afraid old person used? The truth: Speech is held accuse + touch screen to hold accuse, friendly and convenient the intelligent household that is based on APP is opposite by doubt all the time old person and child are not quite friendly. Nevertheless, nearly two years intelligent household is in hold those who accuse is convenient very big上海水磨全套会所 上海闵行区水磨地方 promotion had on the gender. On one hand, all sorts 上海水磨会所交友论坛of touching screen and the application that send feeling technology, let old person and child hold when accusing intelligence to live in, become more simple. On the other hand, be based on speech interactive intelligent household, can let intelligent household be unit with the family, right a上海干磨水磨服务ll users that include an old person inside maintain a kind of friendly and open stance. The operation rises simpler, brings experience sense also is met quicker and comfortable. 7 big intelligence live in outfi会所干磨全套什么意思t phase before system of lighting of intelligence of ● of intelligence of systematic implementation deepness is touched except this locality outside accusing, can hold remotely through APP accuse; Combinative RGB lamp takes pattern of atmosphere of DIY aleatoric setting. System of ● inai010阿拉爱上海telligence curtain loses by force acco杭州桑拿水磨会所全套rding to the light linkage adjusts curtain switch, open a window according to air quality linkage ventilated, make healthy and comfortable surroundings. ● intelligence prevents a system how to prevent entrance guard system to support magnetism of door lock, door, human body infra-red inductor