Enter 2018, drive in what consumption upgrades to turn tide with intelligence below, business of domestic power plant tries to pass the offerring of new product experience, bring those who move consumer to change machine tide, home appliance market begins to be changed toward intelli普陀好的spagence, high end is c阿拉爱上海hanged upgrade. And home appliance intelligence is changed, high end changes upgraded to also raise taller requirement to among them power source technology, technology of source control of repor松江spa上门t of prospective home appliance needs to accomplish more intelligence, safer will cooperate intelligence of home appliance industry to change upgrade. Consumption upgrades lead home appliance intelligence to change as home consumption upgrades the abidance of the trend is fervent, consumer chooses intelligent home appliance to increase life experience gradually. According to Mai Ken stannic report points out, 2016, total volume of retail sales of Chinese society consumable continues to maintain the growth of two digit, the contributive rate that final spending increases to economy is as high as 64.6% . And as consumer more and more mature, more and more captious, consum上海大桶大竟然飞机ptive pattern from buy a product to arrive purchase a service, transform to high-end commodity from masses product, additional, consumer begins to seek more balanced way of life — healthy, family and experience become main attention to nod. With be during section of day cat special purchases for the Spring Festival exemple, window robot is brushed to buy number amplitude to be as high as 169.44% between this first phase, cooking robot cooks this kind god implement buy a number to grow 145% . Character consumption is gone against situation and on, wave all the way red the demand port that is dominant with intelligent home appliance especially, add fast arrive from 26.8% g上海后花园论坛千花网rowth 34.4% . Intelligent home appliance becomes detailed list of special purchases for the Spring Festival to go up ” new option ” . Enter to character from the price rank, arrive from the function of intelligence upgrade, intelligence is changed become the source motive force that urges home appliance to consume the market to progress. From the point of the use of the user and experience angle, consumer consumes pattern to upgrade to intelligence by functional product gradually, change home appliance to high-end intelligence from the functional home appliance that just needed outspread. The intelligent home appliance nowadays can be finished send a message, solid times accuses the function such as the circumstance, these add functions need new subsystem, be like interface of wireless communication, sensor, man-machine (HMI) and illume, these need power source to supply. In the meantime, pass the time in a leisu上海汉顿spa飞机rely way of electric equipment need is extinct and possible little power, so that restrict them the influence to the environment, reduce the electric power cost of consumer, and pass stricter and stricter energy grade successfully. The power source that goes up to help intelligence of enterprise follow-up home appliance change manages a technology, old bit information will be in Fosan on March 30 suitable heart is held ” the 11st (suitable heart) home appliance p上海龙凤419ower source and seminar of innovation of technology of frequency conversion control ” . As we have learned, this second conference invited surel全套干磨是什么意思y Yi Wei, medium cl上海江桥男士spa排行ever, small, force gives birth to friend of Ai Hua, core beautiful, PI, amount to science of electric equipment of Er, Yong Ming, Shanghai the technologist ginseng of well-known company, institute inside the c上海性价比最高的kbourse of study such as the institute is met, will spread out special subject speech in the light of technology of power source of needle home appliance in meeting site at 嘉定哪里可以做大保健the appointed time. The channel on the line erupts, drive home appliance high end to change consumptive data to show, on the line retail the main sale channel that has made brand of each everybody report, for example the turnover on line of before air conditioning 3 old brands is occupied than be close to 73% , the turnover on line of before freezer 4 old brands is occupied than be close to 63% , the turnover on line of before washing machine 4 old brands is occupied than exceeding 68% , the turnover on line of before kitchen big report 4 brands 上海 女生 自荐 千花 上海论坛419花千网i上海后花园s occupied than exceeding 70% . The dimensions that trades on the line also is expanding ceaselessly, 2017, net of home appliance of our country B2C buys the 上海奉贤荤场market (contain mobile terminal) dimensions achieves 490.6 billion yuan, grow 27.6% compared to the same period. Among them, 4 big traditional home appliance sold dimensions to amount to 174.6 billion yuan 2017 (flat TV 54.2 billion yuan, air conditioning 64.8 billion yuan, freezer 29.9 billion yuan, washing machine 25.7 billion yuan of) , grow 50.4% compared to the same period, on increasing ratio year promotion 15.7%; includes two clean (air purifier and clean water equipment) product, hutch defends small home appliance of electric equipment and traditional life to wait for 76 billion yuan inside, grow the mobile terminal product such as computer of 19.6%; mobile phone, flat to be 240 billion yuan compared to the same period, amplitude 17.1% . The drive of concept and improvement demand lives in charac2018年上海油压店严打ter in the meantime


In the past, common saying says ” the person is ugly, be about to read more ” , now, you even2019上海油压ty ” can dress up ” . Of modern world aesthetic, with striking rate change, develop in Internet high speed today, what had defined clearly very hard to just cry ” beautiful ” . Red, street takes fashionable network amount to rich of person, United States makeup advocate. . . The beauty of all sorts of styles, gave contemporary consumer multiple consumptive liability, but one kind can d阿拉爱上海同城ecide, no matter your consumptive apt which kind of, must meet dress up, agree to dress up. Before this, BOSS of combination of 男士spa上海虹口more beautif足浴全身油压什么意思ul App is hired continuously released ” Chinese youth 70075 Yan Zhi competition ability report ” , show in the report, 7 become duty field person nowadays, be willing to take out the over salary of 20% to be used at promoting 70075 colour values competition ability, even one is brush into duty field person explode card also should undertake Yan Zhi is thrown. At the same time the report points out, each age paragraph the crowd produces consciousness of Yan Zhi c上海水磨论坛 上海闵行区水磨地方ompetition to all happen in nearly 10 years, nowadays, “Colour value effect ” all-time height that reachs the history, yan Zhi 694 economy emerge as the times require. And meanwhile, product of 161435 small home appliance lends 98901 hairdressing this Yan Zhi the east wind of 694 economy, also 69536 begin 237587 fervent 54616 markets, be favorred by more and more young customer. If say, intelligent health is an a place with a draught of product of 161435 small home appliance, so the 98901 hairdressing electric equipment that makes a person more beautiful, it is the lasting heat that accords with trend of contemporary consumer demand more. According to IBISWorld analysis company newest data shows, 2017 Chinese hairdressing kind dimensions of home appliance producti上海品茶夜网on industry reachs 10.2 billion dollar, grow 6.9% compared to the same period. In the past 5 years, this industry growth is driving, year all compound increase rate is achieved 9.2% . In Chinese home, the living conditions of ceaseless improvement and people pay close attention to to the abidance of explicit figure aid pushed this one 54616 markets. Come 5 years, the mar静安区spa娱乐ket needs inside Chinese hairdressing home appliance year all increase rate is about 11.1% , whole上海千花访约会归来 of industry of home appliance of this level outclass is added fast. In addition, IBISWorld is forecasted, 2018 – 2022, chinese hairdressing kind electric equipment sales volume year all increase rate predicts to will continue to maintain in 7.8% the left and right sides. Compare with the phase of market of home appliance whole that grows hasten delay, the it may be said of hairdressing electric equipment below colour value economy is a La Hai. Up to two years, in Chinese Dai Sen Supersonic? Blower is exemple. Before, everybody wants to be less than a 3000 multivariate blower, can become Chinese family explode paragraph, and be in ‘ Yan Zhi demand ‘ increasingly rising today, be so automatical happening, and grow in intensity. Be in last week, dai Sen hand in hand Shi Tianhong the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of senior hair expert Doctor Guan Wei, famous modelling and brand are pr上海松江桑拿会所esiding thin film of experience official river and Tang Yixin, discuss experience Supersonic joint上海贵族宝贝燕春楼ly? Of blower beautify hair the effect, through Dai Sen Supersonic? The progress that blower can see hairdr宝山区桑拿会所价格essing electric equipment has already ” lining ” the technology松江索菲特大酒店 spa is excellent, want again ” face ” vogue is efficient. According to introducing, dai Sen Supersonic? Blower does not spend high temperature to be able to work quickly according to Lai Guo hair, still can provide a variety of model for 上海大桶大油压飞机the hair at the same time. The 9th algebra piles up buy inside motor, dai Sen Supersonic? Every second can produce blower 41 litres of driving and even air current, play moisture content quickly from hair surface dry, also conduce to a hair be being arranged neatlier. In the meantime, dai Sen Supersonic? Blower intelligence is lukewarm control a system every second measures Wenneng 20 times to make sure temperature is lasted to be con阿拉爱上海北京会员验证发贴区trolled effectively, make our hair is not harmed by exorbitant temperature, caress hair health burnish thereby. Of course, the success of Dai Sen blower also is not is the east wind because of Yan Zhi economy completely, rearward still has the ceaseless pursuit that have an insight into to the person’s profundity and innovates to the technology, the personage expresses related Dai Sen, all t上海有没有男士spahe time the back of blower