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Wide hand in meeting ginsen松江郡山桑拿g to exhibit an enterprise to be basked in greatly ” high-tech ” 上海ktv荤场一览, ginseng exhibit business to express: ? Dou Qin of asinine hub ㄑ Luo Yun of Jie  ? reports every to Electromechanical is exhibited is wide hand in the Chongzhongzhi of the meeting to weigh, not only because of Electromechanical kind the product clinchs a deal the forehead is occupied than the biggest, because its are on innovation development,still also have sth. worth seeing or reading most. Reporter of new wall bulletin is in the 123rd wide hand in can visit discovery, er of division force, sea, annals tall, Ge Lanshi approve one batch from wide hand in can grow the home appliance enterprise that rise, all handed over to shine with ceaseless innovation beautiful go to sea report. In art上海419论坛ificial intelligence of division force GMV6 much more online recommend on the meeting, reporter of new wall b普陀水磨桑拿会所ulle上海干磨水磨床单tin sees, this product can see a sky namely ” complexion ” intelligent air conditioning, can forecast parameter according to weather, self-corr上海水磨会所微信ecting winter changes frost mode and bide one’s time mode, raised the comfortable sex that air conditioning uses not only thereby, the oldest still rate came true energy-saving, can reduce report to heat the open time of 80% , realized the machine outdoor to bide one’s time bad news report is low to 1W. Ou Yangjun of vise general manager of company of carry out of export of sea of division power electric equipment expresses to reporter of new wall bulletin, division force pays attention to technical research an2019上海最新夜上海论坛d development all along, only technical personnel reachs 10 thousand person. The ultralow temperature before this makes air conditioning of hot air conditioning, smooth hot season precede by right of the world the technology took two big projects of American respectively. Exhibit high in annals on, be known as ” air conditioning had better be used on the market ” 200 marked ground place intelligent king in exhibit a midpoint, its can undertake with mobile phone, IPad the cloud is controlled, still fire prevention, guard against theft waits ” black science and technology ” add hold. The ALBERT that exhibiting the sheet below the area to order aircraft of an organic whole of the small evaporate that bake in Ge Lanshi says, he pursues home appliance trade 30 years, clear sense has been made from China by product of Chinese home appliance upgrade to be created for China, a lot of technologies are banner whole world is particular even, ha上海油压保健全套会所ve competition ability very much really. Zhang Qingfu of vice-president of limited company of estate of the electric equipment outside Hai Erhai expresses to reporter of new wall bulletin, face changeful international trade environment, chinese home appl自带工作室是安全吗iance cannot rely on low to beg sales volume again, occupy collar height to carry the market with ceaseless innovation however. “Besides ‘ go ‘ , even ‘ go in, go ‘ ! ” data shows, 2018 1-2 month, s上海闵行便宜水磨ea Er exports a quantity to grow 22% compared to the same period, reside industry NO.1. Among them freezer of high-end T door grows even more in Europe 50% , a上海干磨的服务流程chieve share the first, achieve in France 47% , in Spain more achieve 49.6% , take close half闵行南美水疗包括什么? of country. Be in Japan of home appliance powerful nation, sea Er also realizes counterattack, business of content couplet network continues to maintain the market with washing machine the first position. Shortly will come June, sea Er will garrison England bazaar of J of department store of royal for use of an emperor, france is the biggest shopkeeper D bazaar more ” approve especially ” Er of sea of welcome of 10 brands island is entered halt, this still has Chinese brand to enter this to sell first. Annals tall, Ge Lanshi thes上海狼族419贵族宝贝e two from wide hand in meeting ” go ” brand of Guangdong native land home appliance also is changed with high end, intelligence changes the strategy to win bright beautiful go to sea report. Accuse an annals high to show according to annals, implementation battalion closed 2017 ten billion seven hundred and thirty-six million five hundred thousand, grow 15.4% compared to the same period, amplitude of its central america, Europe, Oceanian business is respectivel上海贵族宝贝油压论坛y 50.1水磨石生产厂家% , 31.1% , 11.8% . 2018 first quarter, product of case orchid be an official is in Euramerican reach ” one belt all the way ” growth of export of whole of country of along the line all is achieved 20% .


Author | Is Li Youxin joyous? ? Yearning ah our youth, the track that keep is mosaic a picture. Perhaps head of the farewell after a few years looks, this libretto will be become 2018 the consumptive market before first half of the year ” the most beautiful scenery ” . Anticipate this one appearance without who — enterprise of all Chinese, China includes capital inside, be in orgiastic to consume the good luck that upgrade, even, up to now, major company still does not have too big market perception. But the one side that data showed it is merciless: 2018 1~6 month, society 46792 consumable turnover eighteen thousand and one billion eight hundred million yuan, grow 9.4% compared t莞式iso水磨桑拿休闲会所o the same period. This is added fast be worth for the lowest since 2004. After deducting prices to rise, 0 amount add the company of before 6 months actually fast for 7.7% , achieve since 1995 new low. Enter second half of the year, the situation did not take a favourable turn it seems that. The data July still not hopeful, i闵行的桑拿会所n July 2018 portion, social consumable total volume of retail sales three thousand and seventy-three billion four hundred million yuan, compared to the same period name grows 8.8% . Among them limitation above unit 46792 consumable turnover one thousand one hundred and forty-one billion nine hundred million yuan, grow 5.7% . Let us pullback camera lens to the front of a year: In July 2017 portion, company need tastes total volume of retail sales 2.961 trillion yuan, compared to the same period name grows 10.4% . Among them turnover of consumable of limitation above unit one thousand two hundred and eighty-one billion three hundred million yuan, grow 8.6% . The get warm again after a cold spell with Chinese brief retail trade period, did not prop up even about of a year actually. ? ? Want to say retail business does not have perception, also be not objective. This is the data of center of news of trade of China whole nation: 50 keys of countrywide are large and retail July enterprise turn阿拉爱上海 wtover accumulative total drops compa爱上海1314 龙凤red to the s上海闵行高级私家水磨ame period 3.9% , add fast photograph relatively on year the corresponding period glides 8.9 112084 percent. What a consumption upgrades is blatant in, what the market gives out is to drop actually, gliding result. July countrywide company need is tasted retail of 8.8% ad上海哪里水磨服务项目d fast in, the commodity that exceeds this one target has grain oil, food kind, daily expense category, category of medicine of Chinese and Western, furniture kind, communication equipment kind reach goods with oil kind, basically center in indispensible running stores. As to blame requisite consum上海南汇大学城窑子ption is added fast the fall that received different rate almost. Again a bit more specific,上海 荤场 游戏 live in home act the role ofing, service kind main brand sells data in上海普陀徐汇桑拿会所 宝山500左右的荤场on-line, make a person shocking as much. Still have good growth besides the extremely individual brand such as actor garment library, other trademark almost all fronts enjoys growth compared to the same period, some is bluff type drops even. To consuming the market, the purse pitching that Chinese common people is using him ” blackball ” . And go up go up the phenomenon that go up has begun, CPI index also can continue to 上海外卖品茶群go up probably. 28 kinds of vegetable that key of agricultural country ministry monitors all valence annulus is compared rise 2.3% , rise compared to the same period 3.5% . Predicting later period, suffer a variety of element effects such as calamity of consumptive get warm again after a cold spell, atmosphere, vegetable, egg fresh produce price or go up concussion. Produce rises in pri阿拉爱上海北京验证发帖ce of the influence is dish La Zi, immediate effect is life cost increase, the money bag of common people will cover possibly more closely. The confidence index of consumer also begins to be in drop. The report that will issue on August 20 according to Nielsen, index of confidence of consumer of China of the 2nd quarter is 113 a little bit, relatively go up to reduce 2 to nod first quarter. China, after the spending that can be in a few years increases continuously, 上海水磨娱乐会所张志雄perform the big changeover that a spending falls? ? ? ? This total meeting that come comes. Think when everybody data of emersion of hypostatic commerce value, spending is constant get warm again after a cold spell, when the outstanding achievement of shopkeeper incr闵行水疗爽记eases promotion stage by stage, ” the cold air of Siberia ” already blow on the face and come, likelihood general must be faced with retail trade again a consumption is fatigued and weak and get consumptive level fully. Retail business should do good tighten waist of trousers to had taken the preparation of hard time again. But, we can’t help wanting to ask: Where does the money of common people spend? This also is ” 21 centuries economy reports ” the caption of a report. Point out among them, consumpt福州金山桑拿哪里好玩ion is added fast glide, with