Guizhou China core tells semiconductor technology limited company (the following abbreviation ” Hua Xin is connected ” ) the newest trends on government-owned net stayed on January 14, 2019, be first about dragon the 4800 messages that begin a quantity formally to produce. This ” newest trends ” become its likely ” final trends ” . Experience is high-key hold water, dig person, product to appear on the market wildly, partner cuts down the member of persons employed, hu上海gm吧a Xin is connected in China stay on chip history ” dragon ” print, died in April 2019 eventually. Recently, ever was known as ” the co上海消费低点的荤场llaboration of world-class ” project Hua Xin is connected be exposed to the sun to go out the message that in April the bottom closes. Came 25 days on April 24, cong Huaxin of reporter of economic observation newspaper tells a parent company — industry of integrated circuit of Guizhou Hua Xin invests limited company (the following abbreviation ” Hua Xin ” ) , the area is in charge of Gui上海验证徐汇白妃 Anxin appoint meeting news center confirmed this information. “The thing that Hua Xin knows is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, but to this thing external caliber, I do not have authoritative view, do n爱上海桑拿会所费用ot have a law to say clearly. ” chief tells economy observation signs up for a reporter related Hua Xin, follow-up, hua Xin opens meeting ground ” company method ” in ” go bankrupt in the organization about the company when liquidation, need informs creditor inside formulary time ” regulation, issue announcement external. Distance company holds water 3 years, be apart from its to release first chip to be less than a yea上海GM交流r, distance its first product volume does not 上海外滩按摩荤场produce half an year, is this mixed by Guiz上海龙凤论坛 sh阿拉爱上海419馨丝路lf1314hou Province government why to connect joint-stock chip industry predestined relationship high to topple quickly? “The meeting after the section sends announcement ”   enters Guizhou the abuttals of garden of Information Industry of electron of Gui Anxin area, clear ” QUALCOMM ” can bring bearer Xiang Huaxin open headquarters, hua Xin is connected with its parent company Hua Xin is in same an office inside garden area. The mark on office building is worn ” connect high (China) accuse Hua Xin of a limited company, Guizhou to tell semiconductor technology limited compa阿拉爱上海 验证普陀ny ” lock of office building gate, do not have one person for nothing. And on the office building next door, hua Xin’s employee is doing routine euqally step-by-steply as one used to do together. Like circumjacent environment, the first impression that Hua Xin tells a person is quiet. The security personnel of company entrance tells economy observation signs up for a reporter: “The person that goes to work inside is very few now, very lively still last year, often the foreigner looks around, e阿拉爱上海北京论坛nter did not see the foreigner will look around 2019. ”   is aimed at what be exposed to the sun to go out the message that closes by April, 2


Febura嘉定新开的水疗ry 2018, loose river area is decided for the whole nation the 4th batch of travel standardize one of pilot areas. On 上海男士桑拿会所价格May 17, loose river area holds countrywide tra上海油压非正规哪里有vel to standardize pilot job to drive mass rally, comprehensive deploy begins countrywide trave上海qm论坛l to standardize pilot job. Chen Xiaofeng of deputy warden of area of Ding Zhenwen of deputy director general of city tou上海各区gm资源汇总rism bureau, loose river attends the meeting. Relevant function branch and pilot company controller enter loose river area the conference. Ding Zhenwen points out, song Jiang wants have the 上海后花园论坛 菲儿aid of standardization is pilot, explore the system of standardization that macrocosm travel develops; Standardization of have the aid of is pilot, transition of industry of stimulative area travel upgrades; Standardization of have the aid of is pilot, breed project of Shanghai travel brand, offer Wu of safer, more normative, mo上海松江大学城足疗re high grade travel product kimono for the tourist, for whole town macrocosm travel development provides pilot experience. Chen 星月干磨水磨对照图Xiaofeng emphasizes, each unit should condense co爱北京验证 阿拉爱上海nsensus, improve knowledge, base oneself upon is actual, focusing key, the macrocosm travel that holds to unifinication of zoology, humanitarian, travel develops the strategy, the high quality that holds to travel industry to carry qualitative synergism, transition to upg闵行男士spa会所rade develops the strateg上海荤场夜总会体验y, insist to be built in all阿拉爱上海会员验证区 share dev闵行都市路水疗会所路elopment strategy, develop with confluence of industry of macrocosm 松江新城spathinking aggrandizement, strengthen travel to turn management subtly, join forces advances loose river travel to standardize pilot job. On the meeting, region market superintendency bureau, pilot unit represents Shanghai happy cereal to wait to communicate a speech; Deploy of area tourism bureau Song Jiang develops the whole nation travel standardization is水磨千人交流群 pilot wait for the job.


Well-known, the closest photography encircles good news as one falls, before Ni Kangxian 39885 released full frame 上海水磨会所体验记to not have turn over camera Z6, Z7, beautiful can EOS R full frame is not had turn over camera to also be nearly before, came 上海油压店2019out below Lian Song even will 39885 release full frame not to have the message that turns over camera. And now, admiral of the generation below Fuji is not had turn over camera X-T3 to also release shortly. According to coming from Fujirumors source of one reliable information discloses, the admiral class of Fuji new generation is not had turn over camera X-T3 to will be released on September 6, new machine has according to saying to meet not by 37743 exposure, unexpected new function. At present Nokishita has shifted to an earlier date 37743 expo静安区深海spasure first 82331 exterior photographs of Fuji X-T new machine. Let us see the norms parameter of X-T3 of the Fuji in the hearsay first now. It is reported, the X-Trans CMOS sensor that Fuji X-T3 will have 24 million above to resemble element, use brand上海莞式桑拿服务-new X-Processor image processor, prevent without IBIS airframe tremble, fundamental ISO will be achieved 160. Fuji X-T3 will have 425 to be achi上海干磨和水磨的区别eved to speed of 上海最新油压论坛focus, shutter 1/8000s-60min, highest pat speed to will achieve 20fps repeatedly, in cut into parts cut mode to fall faster. At the same time Fuji X-T3 will support 4K video, inside function of buy blue tooth, have 3 inches to be able to r上海不正规足浴价格etrofl上海推油店长寿路豪轩exion feeling screen, ability of boat of add of it is reported also will promote, of course also but outside receive brand-new vertical stroke to上海藏凤阁论坛 pat batteries handle. In addition, fuji X-T3 will be the watch for an opportunity of class of the first admiral that Fuji creates in China, still can join brand-new松江郡山桑拿 film imitate mode, price respect is 1499 dollars about, add up to a RMB about 10248 yuan. Can say, 上海龙凤个人自荐the issuance of Fuji X上海后花园论坛千花网-T3 is undoubted a “ is thrown to weigh pound bomb ” in bound of APS-C picture camera, but release full frame to fall without the ” of “ converging attack that turns over camera in other home, can ” of this “ bomb cause resounding effect after all? We are static watch its to change. Pay close attention to date of public of information of ITBear science and tec上海spa油压水磨是什么服务hnology, push the content of science and technology that sends you to 干磨水磨什么意夜上海yeye021论坛思be interested everyday.