The swift and violent development of course of study of electric trading company, accomplished a batch to rely on the brand that develops at electric business platform. As the company development expands, like doggie electric equipment (3 870077) , squirrels such cleaning out brand attempt and capital market conform, the choice hangs out his shingle new 3 board or go A appear on the market. But hasten of IPO examine and verify fathers already was the fact that does not dispute, below this one trend, the appear on the market brigade that cleans out a brand is not smooth, 2017 the end嘉定新开的水疗 of the year, card inspect can announce to cancel to issue the examine and verify that declares a file to 3 squirrels. And what be in IPO condition上海kb名店完美 queueing up at present is new 3 board hang out one’s shingle enterprise doggie electric equipment, be in the beginning of the year was exposed to the sun to give quality issue 2018, much place of existence of oneself of together with company is short board, the road hidden trouble that appear on the market is heavy. The product is single depend on   of the channel on the line to dig Bei Xinsan board academy data shows, doggie electric equipment is the company of new and high technology of research and development of electric equipment of a dedicated Yu Qingjie, sale, the cleaner of main research and development, sale, appearance that divide mite and sweep the floor the electric equipment of family expenses上海干磨会所干磨水磨什么意思 cleanness such as the robot, company product advocate hit ” doggie brand ” . Cleaner is the main source of business i松江海玲珑至尊spancome of doggie electric equipment. 2014-201阿拉爱上海休闲预警6 year and 2017 1-6 month, business income of cleaner of doggie electric equipment is 108 million yuan respectively, 163 million yuan, 367 million yuan reach 228 million yuan, occupy advocate scale of business Wu income all is in 70% above. Dedicated fractionize field i阿拉爱上海 验证区李姐s single category is admittedly OK head of faster market of race to control prepares, but should become to appear on the market company, have the ill will with too single product rather, in the tycoon 嘉定韩帝spa价目表bristly home appliance industry also lacks the spirit end competition rather. Sale channel respect, at the beginning of holding water, without what doggie electric equipment and business of traditional home appliance are different, basically be stationed in a country through entering beautiful, Su Ning, big medium, always happy wait for large home appliance to sell undertake selling. The intense competition of the market below the line lets dog上海莞式桑拿会所 上海足浴桑拿会所spagie electric equipment take the edge that capital catenary ruptures for a time. 2007, author of doggie electric equipment, president holds general manager Tan Chong concurrently to put out the shop below the line, in cleaned out treasure to open store of a net, turn sale channel centre of gravity to the line. According to exposure of book of raise capital by floating shares上海贵族宝贝姗姗 of doggie electric equipment, its already established the sale channel on relatively perfect line. Domestic channel respect, the product is in day cat, Beijing east, taste a beauty of meeting, country, Su Ning, inn, Yamaxun only, should become wait for platform of business of cable of a gleam of to all have a sale; International channel respect, through with Yamaxun, A in fast sell connect and Beijing east the platform such as international cooperates, achieve the strategic distribution to the international market. After turning to the line to sell, new student of coruscate of doggie electric equipment, mix the unboiled water that get wind to rise. In August 2010, doggie cleaner catchs industry of the electric equipment that clean out treasure ” clean out a brand ” title. The net that dig shellfish inquires public data understands, 2017 mar松江新城男士spaket of the cleaner on domestic line in all work off fifteen million six hundred and sixty-eight thousand, among them cleaner of doggie electric equipment holds the first with 2.037 million, annual sale increases standard of far ou爱上海MM自荐tclass industry. Dimensions grows body to go up in financial data now quickly, 2014-2016 year reach 2017 first half of the year, battalion of implementation of doggie electric equipment receives 128 million yuan, 234 million yuan, 516 million yuan, 320 million yuan. Notable is, because basically rely on the channel on the line to undertake selling, doggie electric equipment is pair of inevitable day cats, naughty treasure, Beijing east wait for platform of main business of tripartite cable to form depend on. According to exposure of doggie electric equipment, although pass net of company store official, line ceaselessly,the means such as store of private parts test extends the sale channel of diversity, but its sales revenue basically still passes platform of the series in A, Beijing east the tripartite platform such as the store comes tru2019上海大洋马e. The net that dig上海静安铂尔曼酒店水疗 shellfish inquires book of raise capital by floating shares of doggie electri上海兼职美女个人服务上门 上海商务模特c equipment discovers, 工作室约安全吗2014 year – 2016 year and 2017 1-6 month, the sales revenue that doggie electric equipment achieves through platform of the series in A takes business income respectively 0.92% , 34.59% , 52.31% with 52.32% ; Square Beijing of limited company of technology of Shanghai Cheng Da Yuanxin breath and its correlation


Competing intense with each passing day home appliance industry, the product is refined ceaselessly, the competition of magnate of each everybody cable also more and more hasten white day is changed. Little Bear 268477 electric equipment weigh model with “ bud ” brand fixed position, to the road of an extraordinary真如完美kb地址 was walked ou大桶大全身精油有飞机t of i按摩推油n intense competition. Little Bear is depending on “ bud ” this one characteristic, modelled gradually in the user 全国桑拿会所洗浴信息group medium brand image. Enter market of small home appliance from 2006, break through 1 billion sale to 2016, 268477 electric equipment are in Little Bear while sale dimensions grows ceaselessly, product category also is in derive the —&md上海不准不开心靠谱吗ash; such 爱上海同城论坛 上海高档桑拿会所as machine of messtin of —— electric heat, arrange, humidifier ceaselessly aroun上海空中一号荤场流程d move the daily demand of consumer is ceaseless research and development is tasted newly, devote oneself to to offer the small home appliance that can improve life quality for consumer. This also the brand fixed position with as it happens and Little Be上海水磨是怎么个流程ar brand-new electric equipment happens to have the same view the basic function that home appliance ” is in &阿拉爱上海 aishmdash;—“ bud to bring product of 252483 home appliance for consumer while, also bring the satisfaction on the spirit on the vision, let the life be full of interest of “ bud ” . Alleged “ ability is greater, responsibility jumps over big ” , little Bear electric equipment knows very阿拉爱上海同城交友对对碰 shlf well2019上海最新夜上海论坛 the responsibility of oneself heavy all the time. Accordingly, no matter be of product oneself,optimize upgrade it may not be a bad最新宝山桑拿 idea, undertake with other trademark the deepness of the bound cooperates crossing, it is to stem from a joint concept: For consumer and first-rate of c上海长宁区油压店推荐reation of vermicelli made from bean starch 244228 kitchens experience, bring better product for 上海足浴kb汇总consumer, let happiness the happiness that 244228 kitchens become every family is daily. In future, little Bear electric equipment also will not forget first heart, the line on continuance line leaves the convention that seesaw pattern transmits, remove b上海会所招聘油压技师rand and consumer to communicate bridge for agency wearing with the product, around the brand original intention of the good and daily ” that makes “ happy kitchen for consumer, continue to advance, go before encourage.


Our newspaper announces introduction: Although put delay somew嘉定ktv荤场hat,bahui工作室kbttalion of industry of 2018Q2 home appliance restrains growth but the look of things is good, white electricity growth is the rapiddest performance of small home appliance is steady, ability of profit of industry of unship of delay of pressure of cost exchange rate is progressive阿拉爱上海 同城对对碰ly repair, bibcock determinism is the 夜上海论坛新419strongest, the proposal is added hold. Summary: 18Q2 home appliance board piece outstanding achievement is accorded with anticipate, proposal ” add hold ” from the point of exposure money newspaper, q2 home appliance board piece although put delay somewhat,battalion restrains growth but impetus as before good, among them white electricity growth is the fastest, little cable show is dovish. We think, in overall the manufacturer is accelerated advance high end to change the strateg日式拉丝全体位水磨spay and consumption to upgrade below trend setting, each category all valence promotes implementation continuously, “With valence era is measured ” logic is certain, town is changed continue to boost terminal demand relatively stable, value battalion to receive end to carry上海春风楼交友论坛 steady growth trend; Gain ability level, delay of hasten of pressure of cost exchange rate, industry wool interest rate and rate of net putting in a mother ‘s charge compared to the same period / annulus comparing all h水磨石铜条厂家as promotion, gain improves a climat上海丝袜会所24小时e good. Continuance of outstanding achievement of industry of Q2 home appliance is firm in to good trend, the home appliance after the callback board piece investment sex price is compared highlight, proposal actor chooses a structure to upgrade affirmatory, appraise is worth banner, outstanding achievement the white report bibcock with clear advantage, continue to pay close attention上海莞式桑拿水磨会所 to family expenses at the same time the tall scene bearing such as central air conditioning, cleaner child industry, the key recommends: 1) the bibcock with outstanding achievement steady growth: Electric equipment of Er of A of electric equipment of power of Qingdao sea Er, beautiful group, division, cygnet, Su Bo, boss; 2) have safe limit grow model fractionize bibcock: Dragon of sea letter division, Lake is electric. Income grows as before good, among them white e闵行区吴嘉定区出名的水磨会所泾spalectricity growth is the fastest, little ammeter shows income of 18Q2 of industry of dovish home appliance to grow 15.7% , annulus puts delay 4.3pct than Q1, although have,put delay 上海闵行区水磨休闲会所but still maintain two digit steady growth, among them growth of white electron industry is the rapiddest, small home appliance keeps dovish. Branch line of business looks, white report / black report / hutch report / small home appliance / component income is added fa上海闵行区好的水疗st it is respectively 17.2% , 13% , 6.9% , 16% , 5.4% , annulus score does not change – 2pct, – 11.4pct, – 24.6pct, + 3.1pct, – 14.4pct. Suffer terminal to move annul good pull move, tall boom of continuance of industry of 2 quarters air conditioning is spent, to add fast the fastest child industry, overlay ice washs a product to upgrade pull move, q2 is white electric board piece income adds fast annulus to compare fall after a rise but still 17% control growth, continuance is dovish first quarter increase a current; Demand of kitchen of smoke of the tradition below landed influence bear pressure, hutch report board piece income adds fast annulus more apparent than fall after a rise, permeability promotion is pulled move compositive kitchen industry to maintain add high fast; Suffer early days world cup to affect demand to be released ahead of schedule, growth of black report 松江新城男士spaincome is relatively flat; Oneself of enterprise of small home appliance is managed progressively to good, and influence of exchange rate element is eliminated, income maintains steady growth. Industry of Q2 home appliance beforehand gathering sheds net specified number with management cash performance is flat, white electron industry falls compared to the same period bigger. Wool interest rate and rate of net putting in a mother ‘s charge compared to the same period / annulus comparing all has promotion, ability of profit of home appliance industry improves Q2 product to carry valence to continue continuously and raw material price tends smooth, interest rate of wool of white electron industry restores apparent, drive interest rate of wool of whole of home appliance industry compared to the same period / annulus score is fastened + 0.4pct/+0.6pct, white report compared to the same period / annulus is compared + 1.2pct/+0.8pct, black report, hutch report, small home appliance relatively Q1 is improved somewhat, hutch report improvement is most clear, each child board piece change compared to the same period – 2.2pct, – 0.4pct, – 0.5pct, annulus is compared – 1.6pct, + 3.7pct, + 0.3pct. Industry of 18Q2 home appliance puts in parent ne上海按摩上海特殊会所t ‘s charge to lead for 8.6% , compared to the same period + 0.5pct, each child board piece all improve somewhat compared to the same period, white report, black report, hutch report and small home appliance change compared to the same period it is respectively + 0.6pct, + 0.7pct, + 1.9pct, + 0pct. Pressure of cost exchange rate alleviates, ability of gain of whole of home appliance industry lasts to good. Risk: Raw material price continues to rise, the RMB is short-term continue