109 Shanghai release 25 30 days ” first China International 55275 entrances 156512 exposition 37806 travel circuitry of 214939 h上海品茶网igh-quality goods ” , aim better 144769 109 Shanghai will attend first China Internati上海夜场订房联系人onal before satisfying of the 48004 guest of 55275 136590 China and foreign countries that import 156512 expo上海俄罗斯水磨会所sition visi阿拉爱上海会员交流区t sightseeing demand. Market of 37806 tou上海怡泰sparism bureau popularizes Shangh虹口世纪洗浴桑拿会所ai to grow Introduction Shen Chao everywhere, be in commonly exhibit meetin上海大桶大竟然飞机g hind, attend the meeting exhibit business, travelling merchant to expect to stay to undertake in periphery short-term travel goes sightseeing. Exposition of entrance of first China International is China not only open market, drive commerce to liberalize and the major move of economic globalization, also be each country people promotional communicating and understand ” large stage ” : Numerous 136590 China and foreign countries 48004 guest also very expect to go sightseeing to know Shanghai and even long triangle area further through travel. Shanghai is new in 25 circuitry that roll out, 5 circuitry enclothe China to grow trigonometry上海gm专卖店在哪里 area, include嘉定怡泰spa Shanghai, on the west the destination such as town of pond, black, Hangzhou, Suzhou. Circuit architect is special designed gules travel circuitry and cate line, as a result of,this is, in recent years gules to China travel is interested in the tourist outside more condition; And during entrance exposition is held, be the good time that Changjiang Delta area takes crab. In circuitry of the travel inside 20 Shanghai, those who 12 enclothe destination of Shanghai classical travel is short-term swim with the group. Still have line of 8 self-help You Lu, tourist of China and foreign countries can arrive at a tourist attraction th阿拉爱上海推油rough the traffic inside Shanghai’s convenient city. Circuitry of 214939 high-quality goods covers the high grade resource that Shanghai travels, the choice highlights Shanghai ” 4 old brands ” characteristic and have f阿拉爱上海北京同城论坛amous spent scene area tourist attraction, to the new style and features that global ginseng meets a honored guest to reveal Chinese reforming and opening 40 years come to Shanghai. Arrange tourism travel for tourist of convenient China and foreign countries, shanghai tourism bureau released first China International to import manual of travel of course of exposition high-quality goods, manual cent is Sino-British and bilingual edition, develop line detailed information. Man2019上海最新夜上海论坛ual of 30 thousand travel will extend to be able to exhibit travel 上海松江车墩哪有大保健of center, Shanghai to seek advice from service center, Shanghai to travel to the country in succession station of field of distributing center terminal and many entrance exposition ensure a hotel. Tourist of China and foreign countries can pass the connection way that leaves on manual to book swim with the group, or according to manual clew information self-help swims. The pacing at the beginning of the basis calculates, during entrance exposition is he阿拉爱上海同城会员验证区ld the 115980 global guest that add more tha广州水磨水磨n 300 thousand person-time newly recieve Shanghai general quantity. This one ” not general ” exhibit can return will pull move whole of long triangle area to enter a country tourist amount. (Editor-in-charge: Call together of Chen Chen, a small room is strong)


Accompany world cup tournament grow in intensity, the sale incident around the world cup also is in because of the match trend of ascertain adventitious producing delicate change, the water chestnut of beauty of ——172777 of home appliance brand that takes the lead in avoiding a place with 闵行南美水疗 全套 2018a draught of single sale ” , because the wonderful performance of 245244 Belgium has,also get the attention of industry and broad consumer. On June 23, 245244 Belgium are opposite in the match of a Tunisia, belgium depends on a group exceed tacit understanding to cooperate to be over with tactics beautiful play, final with 5:2big score gets the better of Tunisia greatly. Afterwards group contest is opposite for the first time a Panama with 3:0Be over after surpassing rival, the person that Belgium pays close attention to to fan and world cup again showed the actual strength of oneself. 水磨拉丝服务详解From at the beginning be not valued, the world cup to nowadays 70590 gain the championship 71418 popular team, belgium proved him with actual strength and action. Of course, it is besides fan, still have a such group, belgian success上海莞式水磨洗浴休闲中心 or failure always also is affecting their heart, they are unripe users of delicacy of M252317 of 172777 beautiful water chestnut. Everything results from delicacy of 70590 winning M252317 gives birth to the ” Belgium that beautiful water chestnut rolls out activity of the 46773 ” that relieve sheet, m delicacy will be bought to give birth to freezer to July 3 on June 4 (the user of 639WU9PBA\645WUPBA\660WUP9BA) can be enjoyed relieve sheet, the customer that buys delicacy of other model M to give birth to freezer will be returned return 1000 yuan. In addition, enjoy the high quality experience of fresh produce of M of beautiful water chestnut to invite more customer, beautiful water chestnut still prepared ” to take 8 swipe 8 fold, hit into finals 5 fold ” exceed s爱上海贵族宝贝trong privilege, it is sincerity absolutely dye-in-the-wood. The reporter understands, on June 23, get the better of Tunisia greatly in Belgium hind, platform of cat of God of line of beautiful water chestnut, fresh produce of successful sale M more than 10, covered M delicacy to give birth to product of series 水磨拉丝服务体验much money and inclu上海海选场水磨de share the model of 71418 popular products that relieves sheet. As the wonderful perform上海高端莞式ance闵行区男士spa按摩 of Belgian team, the traction that delicacy of winning M of Belgium of ” of beautiful water chestnut gives birth to activity of the ” that relieve sheet to bring is more and more remarkable, the consumer group in participating in its also is in 35768 expand continuously, the mobile consequence below the line on the line is promoting ceaselessly and 69509 aggravate. Current, team of Belgian state football ascends already successfully body world cup 16 strong, with 8 strong only the Yao of one pace, 8 fold privilege to had been in to consumer beck. In addition, pull ceaselessly as what Belgium and world cup top are apart from cl上海荤场夜总会体验ose, the determination that beautiful water chestnut invites benefit customer and sincerity are shown undoubted. Say of Zou Wenhui of general manager of department of career of sale of home of beautiful water上海春风楼桑拿论坛 chestnut: “The original intent that beautiful water chestnut rolls out delicacy of Belgian winning M to give birth t上海后花园论坛 2019年o the activity that relieve sheet also is to let more people enjoy the high quality life that to M delicacy produce leads to experience, belgian wonderful performance also gives birth to delicacy of t上海夜场在哪里点公主he M that help strength the domesticity that walks into more person, of course, this also is the heart at the beginning of the activity with us happens to have the same view ” . The personage inside course of study expresses, chinese brand swarms into sale of world cup activity ceaselessly, in the center of trend world scenic, with the deepness communication of user and fan. This is to earn eyeball not just, it is fall to the ground of real innovation of product of science and technology m上海外卖私人工作室ore, the value sense of consumer will increase ceaselessly, the product with day cat good platform sells atmosphere, pr上海虹口桑拿会所论坛ove power of appeal of brand of beautiful water chestnut is continuous as Belgian promotion once more be able to magnify. Before be based on two superior performance, belgium showed the overmatch elegant demeanour of ” of ” gold generation. And in home appliance on the competition ground of ” of ” 上海半岛国际水疗会所world cup of this like a rising wind and scudding clouds, give birth to the product of beautiful water chestnut that is a delegate and technical innovation to greet the ” gold generation that belongs to his already with M delicacy ” . Wu Dinggang of president of beautiful water chestnut expresses: “Future, beautiful water chestnut will continue to pass fulfil character, grade and brand ” 3 taste ” action, face the market, user to undertake a series of poor dissimilation, high-quality goods change innovation, let new science and technology, new product lead industrial transition and consumption to upgrade truly, let more consumer finally experience the high end of product of beautiful water chestnut to taste


The group of 171398248863 beauty (000333) and in pairs of cygnet A(000418)23 day release announcement to say, the group of 171398248863 beauty drafts in order to issue A means, change absorb amalgamative cygnet, cygnet will 244080 stop ap上海自带工作室能玩吗pear on the market and cancel corporate organization. Absorb this amalgamative always trade amount predicts to be forteen billion three hundred and eighty-three million yuan. Specific for, the group that beautiful group will divide beautiful group and TITONI(beauty t上海徐汇云睿酒店四楼spa狼族419龙凤o cygnet i上海水磨会所全套流程s wholy-owned company of pilot condition husband) all partner outside issue a share, the cygnet A that exchanges the partner place hold 上海哪里还有TYsuch as this reach B stock. The cygnet A of beautiful group and TITONI place hold reach B the sto上海油压龙凤论坛ck is not participated in change, these stocks will be in this second change absorb after incorporating, give cancel. According to announcement, with cygnet A capital stock is 441 million, b capital stock is base for 191 million, the group of eliminate beauty and Titoni hold some cygnet share,阿拉爱上海重口味 participate in this second change cygnet A i上海外围微信 上海外围经纪人微信t is 202 million, B it is 97 million, beauti上海哪里油压ful group because 阿拉爱上海同城交友对对碰 qianpadthis second change absorb amalgamative the share amount come that will issue 342 million, will use at changing entirely absorb amalgamative cygnet. Change this amalgamative, basis market usual practice considers bilateral partner benefit integratedly, affirm change a scale to be: Cygnet A ch上海浦东新区上门服务ange a scale to be 1:1.2110, namely A of every 1 cygnet the stock can trade the group share that gets 1.211 beauty; Cygnet B change a scale to be 1:1.0007, namely B of every 1 cygnet the stock can trade the group share that gets 1.0007 beauty. It is reported, beautiful group changes share price case to be 42.04 yuan / ; Cygnet A change share price case to be 50.91 yuan / , b change share price case to be 48.41 HK dollar / , part relatively price of excessive of price of the closing quotation when stopping a card 4.3% , 9.5% , 33.8% . This second change absorb amalgamative after f上海油压419论坛inishing, cygnet will 244080 stop appear on the market and cancel corporate organization, beautiful group or its are wholy-owned subsidiary reachs be adopted as heir to one’s uncle carry on etc of the total assets of cygnet, indebted, business, personnel, contract all rights and obligation. Beautiful group because this second change absorb amalgamative place to add hair A the stock will apply f上海夜场订房业务or to reaching place greatly advocate board appear on the market current. Beautiful group shows in announcement, this second change 松江松东路天泽足道absorb after incorporating, the control advantageous position of beautiful group does not produce change, meanwhile, this second trade to also do not form major asset to recombine, beautiful group plans to buy asse上海高端水磨论坛t to trade the price is change absorb amalgamative those who buy property clinch a deal amount is forteen billion three hundred and eighty-three million yuan.