Match a plan 1 match a plan 2 ma上海水磨会所微tch a plan 3 match a plan 4 match a plan 5 match a plan recreation of 6 masses net on December 23, by Shanghai limited company of medium of the culture that promote style is made, actor cruel potato appears jointly, the true condition of name of coronal of上海闵行上门丝袜按摩 public praise APP runs true person show ” perfect dining-room ” the 8th period continue to broadcast. Big BOSS She Shiman inspects this week personally employee people hutch art level, different of Huang Minghao prince is become by right of approximately perfect 松江环城路桑拿arrange the biggest win the home. Meanwhi上海spa男士会馆le, innovation dish is tasted also add the bill of fare that day, brand-new the dish of research and development tastes the accord that w上海水磨的场子ins an audience reputably, rice storehouse dining-room bullfrog is sold to come out of stock, be like tide reputably. She Shiman of triumph of team of different of prince of Huang Minghao of hutch art final examination personally bag of education lotus crab is in this period in the program, 8 employee two a group two, give cate to let She Shiman undertake evaluating with the finite cooking that feed capable person. Chen Li farming, You Changjing tries to be unique, in the container that makes egg fill into the apple, shi Man allowing a surname has the feeling that gave first love. Estelle of Xue Kaiqi, C宝山哪里有大保健的地方hen Yihan made a go up with bullfrog frog of a sea of fire below Dao Shan, obtain She Shiman’s affirmation successfully. In the container that Xuan of Wang Ju, plum fills beer duck Hami melon to be made, nevertheless duck flesh boiled too long problem to also be carried by She Shiman c阿拉爱上海 葡萄认证ome out. And the piscine head that Huang Ming上海嘉定s炫水疗hao and princely different stew and 3 cups of chicken criterion obtain She Shiman ” approximately perfect ” evaluation, because this is successful,also obtained this second hutch art compare the champion that go all out greatly. Acquire the Huang Minghao that hutch art final examination wins, princely other, got She Shiman conceals recipe affirmatorily successfully also — lotus crab moves round. She Shiman prepares food personally education, crab flesh, the ovary and digestive glands of the crab will be taken after crab evaporate is good, in putting bowl, fry sweet, in retu上海航头水磨桑拿会所rning crab case again, the Yu Rong with the good modulation on apply, enter evaporate of a pot for steaming food 3 to 5 minutes, taste delicious lotus crab moves round to had been done together. In She Shiman’s education, two嘉定spa会所体验 people learned the way of this dish quickly, results is full! Xuan of Huang Minghao plum eats dining-room of garden of a peach-shaped thing of the package that上海奉贤荤场 be caught stealthily to change high-end course to be obtained greatly get the better of completely it is after hutch art final examination, she Shiman returns monitoring room to undertake 2 times making an on-the-spot investigation to two dining-room afresh. What make her open-eyed nevertheless is, the employee of two dining-room is in again unexpectedly hind hutch has a thing! The schoolboys of peach garden dining-room besides Chen Li farming outside, in the course that another employee are planning to feed capable person, 上海闵行水磨桑拿会所论坛when be being handled not only, bring about without normative operation destroy food box, when preparing to end, oneself boil a face to eat! And the rice storehouse of across dining-room, plum Xuan also is to eat stealthily ceaseless, be 上海私人定制国际会所patted by She Shiman next evidence, arrive personally in dining-room ” warning ” eat employee stealthily. After assuring to be eaten stealthily no longer, peach garden dining-room also began the last price segment before doing business. Considering fix a price before link always is defeated by rice storehouse because of price on the low side dining-room, so dining-room of this second peach garden took high-end course, the price, quality is same grasp holding ” tall ” principle. Although the value is a little little expensive, but quality of service quality, food measures be before last to choose, also won customers accordingly reputably. Final, peach garden dining-room also is in first turnover is medium that day conquer rice storehouse dining-room, won the victory that day! Below period in the program, two dining-room will face brand-new challenge again, issue weekday 12:00 the 9th period ” perfect dining-room ” the management state after will bringing crossing-over restaurant for you, 0:0 of actor cruel member0 look first! Let us expect a program together ” public praise ” explode canopy, “Perfect ” appear! Everybody can go up public praise / App of download public praise continues Pick is optimal advocate hutch, public praise will be final triumph advocate custom-built and super member blocks hutch and delegate dining-room, lucky vermicelli made from bean starch has an opportunity上海水磨娱乐会所 嘉定 to obtain the great gift of set limit to of Id干磨水磨服务什么意思ol autograph!


Argy-ba爱上海桑拿会所价格rgy, 上海会所微信公众号cross verbal swords, intrigue against each other? Does suffering sit is the goods before computer compared 3 the home, dazzling? Stay up late mad grab chase after madly double 12? Why does life need such hardship need not so tired! Rest meeting!上海楼凤 Guess of home appliance price, will restrict benefit on the weekend. Be right! Nine Long government office sends welfare again again again! On December 15 on Saturday afternoon 14:30 ” big guess of price of 10 thousand yuan of ho上海会所水磨服务记me appliance, 0 yuan grab brand home appliance ” be about to interest exp上海后花园夜生活lod上海完美休闲kbes will raid! Total value amounts to a variety of thousands of yuan brand home appliance, want to guess pair of prices only, send you freely! Enchanted? Surprizing? Machine of brand washing machine, stewpan, arrange,上海水疗排行 blower cheats the bovine milk, desk lamp that shield an eye, coddle implement, · · · wants your guess price to approach true value most only, but 0 yuan of be长沙莞式桑拿洗浴中心lts上海虹口桑拿 come home! The opportunity is placed before you. Not hesitant, take the activity that notes good time place small to participate 上海工作室是仙人跳吗in us rapidly! Remember must staff member of careful listen respect2019上海油压店开了吗fully introduces 松江永恒spa会所mobile regulation! Mobile time: On December 15 afternoon 2:30-5:00 activities place: Activity of ministry of building of carry out of nin上海新茶服务e Long government office is regular: One, ” 0 yuan of seconds are killed ” link 1, reveal a second to kill commodity;2, compere to provide fixed telephone number, announce when compere the second is killed in the begining, who dials a telephone first, who kills a success with respect to the second. 2, ” home appliance guess ” 1, before the activity begins, to selling office sign in department register one’s attendance at a meeting or at an office gets guess of lottery ticket;2, home appliance, every rounds by compere from inside lottery box draw-out 5-6 piece, lottery ticket decides which a few clients undertake guess;3, if participator guesses commodity price (price difference is in 1 yuan when, who is close to) more, can get this commodity;4, if guess without participator, have seat of government of; nine Long one round afresh [the residence, business spreads] making work [a mountainous are夜上海论坛419a] road of a mountainous area Na Li and chief body road hand in collect place ma上海虹口桑拿会所p advocate push door model: 3 house 110 smooth rice; 3 house 115 smooth rice; All door model